Kid A

The air outside was cold, the foam on my headphones was warmed by the hours of listening. I stood in the backyard, silent snow fell. This was the first moment I felt connected to the music being pulsed into my ears. The notes rain down my neck, through my spine and into my gut.  I felt it. A new feeling, unparalleled by what I understood music to be.

Before this, music was a hobby. A conversation topic. Songs were fun to learn in power chords and play for my high school friends to impress them. It was all different now, music had found its way into my soul. 

Kid A shifted my perspective of music. It started a new conversation that I've been having with music ever since.

The image of this memory often comes back to me when I put the album on and hear the opening notes of "Everything in it's Right Place." Every time, for a brief moment, it feels brand new.

(memory from 2002)